Information for Visitors

               We would absolutely love to have you come and visit with us here at Tramway Baptist Church. All of our services and activities are open. Below are a few questions that visitors frequently ask that might make your visit a little bit easier.


What time do things start?

On Sunday morning we have Sunday School at 10:00 in the Educational Building. Afterwards we have our worship service in the sanctuary at 11:00. The sanctuary is the building with a steeple on top, and the Educational Building is the one without a steeple. 

Where do we go in at?

If you are coming to Sunday School at 10:00, there is a door at the front of the Educational Building (the side closest to the Highway) with a sign that reads "Educational Building."  If you go in there you will be right where the Sunday School rooms are, and one of our folks can direct you to a Sunday School class. If you are joining us for worship at 11:00, then you can just walk into the double doors at the front of the sanctuary. 

Where will our children be?

During Sunday School children are in the same building as adults. They would be very close to you. During worship your children would sit with you, and if they like can go to childrens church halfway through the service. However, if you would prefer to keep them with you that is fine too. 

How do we dress?

You may dress however you like. On Sunday morning we have a mixture of everything. Some folks will be wearing a suit, some will wear jeans and a polo shirt, and some people will be dressed more casual. Wear what you are comfortable in.